We are happy to offer a wide assortment of accessories to help adorn your tent into a wonderful atmosphere. Many of these can make your tent visually appealing, but also can save you hassles, such as weather conditions or the need for a restroom.

French Window Sidewall

20' - $25.00        30' - $35.00

String Lights 50' - $20.00 | 100' - $30.00
Casual Lighting
Flood Lights - $9.00
Great for a backyard evening event.
Perimeter Lights - Call for Rates
Helps to creat a romantic atmosphere.
Tent Heaters - $65.00 (Propane not included)
Keep your guests warm.
Fans Keep your guests cool.
Extension Cords - $5.50 (50') - $8.50 (100') Beneficial for many purposes.
Portable Restrooms - Call for Rates Useful with any outdoor site.
Handicap Accessible Units - Call for Rates A bathroom for everyone.
Sinks - Call for Rates Are great when you serve food or have children attending.
Restroom Trailer - Call for Rates A luxurious alternative to a portable restroom.
Generator - Call for Rates Help the party go as long as you want.

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